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Say no the closure of South Norwood library!

Updated: May 12, 2021

The Labour party have bankrupted our borough and have left Croydon in debt of up to £1.5 billion. This has greatly impacted our borough and has now led to the Croydon council making the unacceptable decision to make huge cuts to services that people in the community rely on.

The council has now proposed that 5 out of 13 of the borough's precious libraries should be closed, including South Norwood Library. This could mean that the brand-new library built in South Norwood could never see the light of day.

Our libraries are an essential part of our communities, especially during the current pandemic. Not only do they provide a safe space where all members of the community can come together and thrive, but it is also a way to combat the harmful effects of isolation during this time. Our libraries also provide a space for young minds to grow and learn, as well as creating job opportunities for people in the community. To lose such a valuable asset due to the poor decisions made by others would be devastating to the community.

Our candidates for the Croydon Council by-elections strongly believe that the borough of Croydon deserves these libraries and are passionate about ensuring that they remain where they are. To find out more about these candidates visit

Furthermore, if you would like to sign the petition created by the local campaign group, Friends of South Norwood visit

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