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Our Croydon West Parliamentary Candidate

Donna Murray-Turner

Donna Will be running as our Croydon West Parliamentary Candidate in the 4th July 2024 election!

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Who is Donna?

Donna Murray-Turner is TTIP’S candidate for the Croydon West Parliamentary seat 2024. Donna was born in St Mary’s hospital and raised in the borough of Croydon; from her early journey at Elmwood Primary School, Haling Manor High School and John Ruskin Sixth-form, she has studied, lived and continues to live in this borough while raising her family here.


Donna is working for Croydon to finally make the change we all deserve. Throughout her education, Donna studied Youth Work, Social Pedagogy, and Community Learning Development at Canterbury Christchurch University. Donna is proud of her working class background and has used that as her lived experience to advocate on behalf of the community; She is also currently the Safer Neighbourhood Chair of Croydon has a stellar career as a Consultant to leading institutions. People are disenfranchised from taking part in political processes because their voices and their lived experiences are not being represented. Very few tangible solutions are offered.


Donna has spent the past 8 years working hard across Croydon to listen to the concerns of local people, helping them find solutions and support at their point of need, to create sustainable change for them and their families. Real change will only come if we use our voices and votes to elect those who are solution focused for Croydon West. This must be more than politicking, and political ambitions, Donna believes this must be about personal investment for a better Croydon, a 5 safer Croydon, more jobs for Croydon, a cleaner Croydon, better quality social housing for Croydon; a return to a vibrant town centre, support for parents & families and importantly, spaces for young people to socialise and feel safe. Simply, a better Croydon for all.

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Community Conversations-DMT Hosted By Project Lifeline

Donna Murray Turner ...Why Vote For Me?

A Word From Project Life Line..

Community Conversations

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