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Lets Support And Build A Better Britain 

Your gift will mean that together, we can continue the fight for:

  • Justice and liberty.

  • Human rights and open government.

  • Equality and community

  • A tolerant, united and supportive Britain


And we can continue to fight against prejudice and discrimination. Our party relies on gifts in wills – we would struggle to achieve as much as we do without them. Leaving a gift in your will means that for generations to come, Taking the Initiative will be there to fight for the values that you believe in. For more info, you can read our Guide to Making a Will.

Guide to Making a Will

It’s simple and easy to leave a gift to Taking the Initiative Party and it will benefit both your local party, as well as the national party. Your Will is entirely personal to you and it should fit in with your own personal situation.

A gift in your Will to Taking the Initiative will be tax efficient, as gifts to a recognised political party are deducted from your estate before inheritance tax is calculated.

A percentage of your estate (Residuary gift)

  • This type of gift is a percentage of your estate after debts. This has the advantage of automatically keeping up with inflation.


A specific amount of cash (Pecuniary gift)

  • You can also choose to leave a specific sum of money as a gift which can be as big or as small as you like.


Specific gift

  • These gifts tend to be a valuable item like a property, a piece of jewellery or stocks and shares.


Reversionary gift

  • This gift has the advantage of ensuring that your family and friends are cared for in the first instance. The gift would only be received by Taking the Initiative party once the original beneficiaries have passed away.

Need help with your Will? 

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