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Steering Group Leader

Steering group leaders will have the opportunity to go forward for candidacy roles, local councillor roles and to become future members of parliament within their area or constituency.


As a steering group leader, you will act as a “satellite” base for Taking the Initiative Party. There is no requirement to have an office or a physical base, but you would need to have constituents who can support you and the party in completing various tasks in your area; the steering group will be required to attend events and meetings on behalf of the party where the objective would be to promote the party and recruit supporters. Some of the tasks the steering group will be doing may be door to door campaigning, leafletting, organising food larders etc. The key aim is to have a representation of the party nationally, led by you and those within your sphere of influence. The steering group will be responsible for representing the Initiative Party in their area and those within it; addressing issues/concerns and bringing them back to the attention of the party.


Please note that Steering Group candidates will be required to go through an application process, followed by an interview and review by the ELC before being successfully appointed.


If you are interested in becoming a Steering Group member for Taking the initiative Party, register your interest today!

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