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Taking the Initiative wants to give everyone a brighter future where everyone has a chance to make a difference and thrive. Where people who take the initiative to want a better Britain are rewarded, with good schools, hospitals, and a flourishing economy.


The basis in which the Taking the Initiative Party has been created is on the collective understanding of community and business and how the two support and complement each other.

The most important characteristic of community and business is integrity and the old school value of doing what we say we are going to do, something which appears to be lacking in the current political arena. It is our intention to restore some of these old school values and in turn, restoring faith and credibility with those we seek to represent as we feel people would prefer to be told the truth and in turn have faith in their politicians than being sold an undeliverable dream in order to win a vote and have no intension of delivering on the promises made.


It is our intention, to be honest, and be bold in our expression of change and we will ensure not to oversell and under deliver. We will ensure that anything and everything we propose will be supported by empirical facts with a clear plan for delivery. We will work voraciously and tirelessly as that is nothing short of what is expected.

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