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Here are our local council election candidates for Croydon and Enfield:

Updated: May 13, 2021

Local councillor by-elections will be taking place on the 6th of May and we are putting forward candidates that are committed to improving our communities for the better.

Mainstream political parties have failed us on numerous occasions. They have failed to control the pandemic and have allowed thousands to die because of their poor decision making, they have failed to put finances to good use, and they have failed to ensure that children and vulnerable members of society have enough food to eat. Well, our candidates say enough is enough! They will take responsibility where others have failed to do so and help rebuild our communities.

Angela Kaler: Angela is our candidate for South Norwood Ward, Croydon council. She is a property professional and a mother who is dedicated to advocating for our human rights and equality. As a candidate for South Norwood, she will advocate for more community centres and sports facilities. As a mother, she is determined to reform our failing education system and create more facilities and opportunities for our youth to keep off our streets and engaged in activities they love.

Alison Johnson: Alison is our candidate for Woodside ward, Croydon council. She is a Reverend and humanitarian who is devoted to tackling issues that matter to the people in her community. She is determined to be a community leader who will ask questions and challenge living standards, poverty, and homelessness. As a community leader, she will also advocate for better education standards for our youth and the reformation of financial spending in her borough.

Clive Morrison: Clive is our candidate for Jubilee Ward, Enfield council. He formerly served as a local councillor for the Labour party and recognised that mainstream political parties are not working for us. They have failed us time and time again and are far removed from our realities. He says enough is enough! He aims to is to focus on combating knife and gun crime in his community.

Jheni Morrison: Jheni is our candidate for Southbury Ward, Enfield council. She has lived in Enfield for over 40 years and has had enough of the poor housing, the constant killing of young people, inadequate housing, and homelessness in her borough. She will work with members of her community to come up with creative solutions to put an end to these issues. She is committed to making Enfield a great place to live, grow and educate our families.

To find out more information about any of our candidates you can visit For any further inquires or concerns about issues in your local borough email us at or call us on 02086987000.

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