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Our Woodside Ward by-election candidate 2024

Shane Sobers

Shane will be running for the Woodside Ward Councillor seat on May 2nd 2024.


Who is Shane?

Shane believes that Croydon deserves better than the poor leadership that we have experienced in the recent years. The mismanagement and lack of investment from the central Conservative government, coupled with the failures of the Croydon Labour party, have held Croydon back. Shane feels he cannot stand by and watch as corruption and lack of transparency continue to plague our community.

Shane's journey began with a law degree and a passion for boxing. For over 15 years, he has dedicated his life to the community and founded the Croydon Boxing Academy and Sobers Boxing Clinic. Through boxing, Shane learned essential life skills, dedication, and perseverance. It transformed his life, and he wants to bring that same transformative power to our community.


With qualifications that include being a business owner in Croydon, a Professional Boxing Coach and certifications in First Aid and Safeguarding, Shane's experiences and work have given him expertise beyond the ring. Living and working in Woodside has exposed Shane to the economic and social issues our community faces: rising council tax, poverty, knife crime, homelessness, and mental health are prevalent in the Woodside area and are barriers that can be overcome case by case. No one issue is the same and Shane plans to listen and support the residents of Woodside with every issue that acts as a barrier to them having a good life in Croydon, case by case.

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