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Would you like to represent TTIP as a Local Government Councillor?

If you are not already aware we will be offering local councillor training for anyone interested in representing Taking The Initiative Party in a local authority role.

We need real people who are passionate about making a difference in their communities to represent and voice the opinions of the community as well as our party. We believe that the voices of real people have been missing from our local authorities and now it is time to bring power back to the people.

We will be providing our local councillor training over the course of various dates, and so if you would like to register your interest you can still do so by signing up via our website under the ‘Get Involved’ tab.

For those who have already registered we currently have 3 provisional dates which are as follows: September 25th, November 27th, January 22nd. However, please note that these dates are provisional and may be subject to change. We will be providing further details closer to these dates.

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