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Why the free school meal parcels were so unacceptable

Following Marcus Rashford’s plea to the Government to continue providing free school meals through lockdown it was agreed upon that those entitled to it would receive food parcels worth £30 or vouchers equivalent.

However, after the first food parcels were delivered this week images of its contents went viral. From the images shared online it was soon discovered that the parcels were anything but sufficient. The parcels which should have contained £30 worth of food were shown to contain a considerably less. In In an image shared by one mother it was calculated that the food items equated to no less than £5.

Many have since responded to the images with outrage including anti-poverty campaigner Marcus Rashford who has once again called on the government to express his concern for the “appalling” food parcels. He has also plead for the Government to review it processes. Following his phone conversation with Boris Johnson he was promised that a full review into the food parcel suppliers would be carried out.

Education secretary Gavin Williams has also since responded claiming that he promises to name and shame any suppliers providing sub-standard packages.

Too little done too late: Despite the Governments promises, this incident should have never happened. The lack of communication between the suppliers and Department for Education indicates how much of a priority our children are. Now more than ever our children deserve the support of our Government.

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