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Tories sacking care home workers in the middle of a care sector crisis

One in ten care home workers could be lost in 50% of England’s council areas due to Sajid Javid’s compulsory double-jab scheme. Taking the Initiative Party is appalled at the Conservative party’s complete disregard for what a pivotal role the care worker plays in our society and their contribution to the care sector crisis.

There are several reasons for why we have an ongoing care sector crisis in the country, (including but not limited to) burnout from the pandemic; and higher pay being available in other sectors as the economy picks back up again in a post COVID world. To take the crisis further, Sajid Javid has decided it would be an intelligent idea to start ending the employment of those who wish to take their own freedom of choice, and not have a COVID19 double jab.

“Regardless of your stance on vaccines, we should be able to have that freedom of choice when it comes to what we put in our bodies and not have the risk of our career being taken away from us because of it. After the financial hardship many people in the UK have had to endure due to government implemented lockdowns, now is certainly not the time to be taking away people’s jobs and making their mental and financial health significantly worse. A little empathy goes a long way, and the actions of this government do not reflect that sentiment whatsoever,” says TTIP representative.

TTIP are calling for Sajid Javid to wake up and realize the damage he’s done to care home workers and all those in need of their services. The compulsory double-jab scheme is a sure-fire way to deepen the discrimination in UK society that already exists, and to ensure that there is always someone getting left behind.

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Notes for editors:

Taking the Initiative can see a brighter future for the UK, where everyone has a chance to make a difference and to thrive. The party, formed in 2016, has a growing membership and is looking to field its first candidates in the 2022 local council elections, followed by its first candidates for MP at the next general election.

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