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The Windrush scandal is not over yet: here's why the victims need your support!

Despite the mounting pressure on the Home office to do more for the Windrush victims, it seems as though very little has been done. The controversial mass deportation flight to Jamaica that took off in December saw 13 out of 50 people deported in spite of the campaigns to stop it.

Although many have expressed outrage over deportations like the one that took place in December, this has not stopped the Home Office in their rampage. More than 100 public figures including 55 MPs have called for the deportation of 22-year-old Osime Brown to stop. Brown who has lived in the UK since he was 4 now faces deportation after serving a two-year prison sentence for a stolen mobile phone.

The threat of his deportation has shed light on the Home Office’s regulations on deportations for convicted criminals. The rule states that anyone considered a foreign national who has been sentenced to 12 months or must be deported. Brown who is severely autistic was recently hospitalised due to the stress of the whole ordeal and is now recovering with family at home.

We can not allow events like this to discourage us from fighting against this injustice, we can not be silenced. Osime Brown and many others need the support of their communities to continue fighting for their justice. There are many ways to get involved including signing petitions such as this petition to stop the deportation of Osime Brown . We can also get involved by following organisation such as the Windrush Foundation and joining in with protests.

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