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Spot the difference: A comparison between police responses to Trump protests with BLM protests

Yesterday, Trump supporters took to the US Capitol to protest against Biden's win. The event left 4 dead and several injured as the protests became violent. Protesters were able to storm the halls of the senate chambers which left many asking the question of why there was such a difference in police responses to this event in comparison with the Black Lives Matter protests.

During the events that took place hundreds of violent protesters broke down the barriers surrounding the Capitol. They were then seen struggling past police officers in full riot gear, climbing the walls of the building and eventually breaking into the building. This left many outraged as they argued that even during the peaceful Black Lives Matter protests protesters were faced with assault riffles, tear gas and military machines. Amongst those who were outraged was community leader and co-organiser of the Black Lives Matter protests Monica Cannon-Grant.

"Watching them climb the side of the building, black folks would have never been able to get that far, they would have shot us up with pepper spray." she says.

The events that took place during both events it is clear that reminder that racial injustice still exists in our institutions and will continue unless we take the necessary steps towards change.

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