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Our local government councillor training session left attendees feeling inspired to be the change

On the 27th of November, we hosted our second government councillor training session which proved to be a roaring success amongst aspiring councillors and those wanting to learn more about local politics.

“TTIP is there for those who are looking for their place in society. It’s about being a voice for those who feel they don’t have one.” Said a representative from TTIP.

It was great to see such a variety of attendees at the event- mothers, fathers, students, musicians, authors, and entrepreneurs all got together to focus on their similarities- not their differences. Although they all lead different lives with different issues, they could all agree on the fact that this current government is in desperate need of an alternative.

The TTIP course conductor touched base on a variety of topics that are essential for any aspiring local government councillor, including what a councillor’s role entails, the seven principles of public life, an introduction to local government, and solving case studies of challenging situations within their local communities.

“I knew I had the passion and I cared. And that’s really all you need; you need to be dedicated to know why you’re doing this.” Says guest speaker Farah London on finding her drive to become a councillor.

Farah London is a 2021 London mayoral candidate who grew up in Croydon and came into the political arena with a drive for showing people there’s more to politics than just the career politicians that currently populate the Labour and Conservative parties.

Attendees left the training course feeling inspired and ready to face the challenges and rewards that come with running to be a councillor as well as a wealth of knowledge about local issues in councils. We’ll be putting candidates up for the 2022 elections in Croydon and other London boroughs. We’re teaching members the skillset to make their local borough into one they are proud of, as well as being the voice for those who feel they don’t have one.

If you’d like further support in becoming a local government councillor our next local government councillor training provisional date is January 22nd, 2022. Our training sessions are free of charge for all TTIP’s paying members. We welcome those with an interest in running for local government councillor in the 2022 elections but also those simply looking to expand their knowledge of local politics!

Make sure to purchase your membership today via so you don’t miss out on our future training sessions and events.

If you are interested in signing up as a local government councillor check out our website via for more information.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us via telephone, email, or on our social media platforms.

Tel: 0208 698 7000

Facebook: TakingTheInitiative

Instagram: @takingtheinitiative

Twitter: @PartyInitiative

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