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How you can make a positive difference in such difficult times

Updated: May 13, 2021

To say that we have fallen on difficult times is an understatement considering the sheer amount of destruction the pandemic has caused. Some of us have lost jobs, loved ones and may even be going through financial difficulties as a result.

However, as hard as it may seem to remain positive in such difficult times NOW is the time for us to unify and uplift each other. If anything, the pandemic has shown us just how much we can achieve by standing together. Since last summer footballer and activist Marcus Rashford has been campaigning and biding children all over the county to receive free school meals – a bid that most of the conservative party voted against. Without contributions like his we risk missing the opportunity for making a real difference in our communities.

He is not the only one: Glenda Andrews who is a regular attendee of our Taking the Initiative Party zoom meetings and she is a prime example of a positive role model. Not only does show compassion for the people around her, but she also goes above and beyond to serve her community. Every week her and her colleagues from @PrestonWinrush deliver up to 200 hearty Caribbean food parcels to people in the community of Preston who need it.

YOU can also make a positive change in your community! Whether it is getting involved in local projects, supporting a neighbour, or donating to a charity there are many ways in which you can contribute.

At Taking the Initiative Party we also want to continue supporting people like Marcus and Glenda in every way we can. We are currently running a food larder service every Wednesday in Croydon and North London. If you would like to find out more, or to donate visit our ‘Food larders’ tab.

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