Ge an update on Taking The Initiative Party with Arise News

Updated: May 13

Last week we met up with Arise News to discuss our party's views and our stance on the COVID-19 vaccine.

We were incredibly grateful for this opportunity to further share with the community our party’s mission. We are a party who aim to create real change in communities across the UK and we aim to do this by putting forward candidates that truly reflect the voice and opinions of all cultures and backgrounds. Despite having so many different cultures in our society, we feel that there are still so many that are underrepresented in Parliament and we believe now is our opportunity to come together as one voice to make a change.

“I’m here with you, I stand in solidarity with your struggle, and I will continue to lend you my voice as long as you need it.”

These were the words of a member of our Executive Leadership Committee, Sasha Johnson, during last October’s end SARS demonstrations. Her message is a clear reminder of our party’s mission - being the voice for those whose voices are not heard. There is just not enough representation in parliament for everyday working-class people and so we want to be that voice. With founders who have come from humble beginnings, we understand how important it is to uplift and improve our communities by tackling the issues that really matter.