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Diversity Matters and we need to do more about it!

Updated: May 13, 2021

It is no secret that the media in the UK have often failed to demonstrate diversity on their platforms. This has been reflected in the media's portrayal of black and ethnic minorities and in the lack of opportunities for black and ethnic minorities in the media industry.

One thing that really caught the nation’s attention was the clear distinction between the way the media responded to the policing at the Sarah Everard protest in comparison to that of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Over policing at protests has been a concern in the black and ethnic minority community for decades and it was interesting to see the media react in the way it did when a young white woman was involved.

Diversity is not only important for maintaining social equality, it can also influence positive changes in the communities we live in and change the way some races are perceived by others.

Last week it was announced that black history would be made mandatory in Welsh schools. This is a positive step forward towards a more inclusive and diverse future.

Channel 4 have also launched a campaign ‘BLACK TO FRONT’ which they say ‘’aims to amplify black talent and voices by bringing them to the forefront on screen and behind the camera’’. The campaign highlights several job opportunities aimed at minorities such as executive producers and studio directors.

Society has come a long way, however despite the progression we as a society have made we still have much further to go. We can only make a difference if we continue to vocalise this issue.

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