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Coronavirus: New Government Laws For Socialising Set Across The UK

The number of people allowed to meet up at each time has changed following a new law set to be implemented from today across England and Scotland, with similar rules in Wales for indoor meetings.

However, in Northern Ireland different households will not be able to mix indoors even in private circumstances.


The New Rules For Socialising Across The UK:


  • A limit of six people from multiple households meeting up applies both indoors and outdoors, all ages.

  • Gatherings in private homes as well as venues, pubs, and restaurants, and in outdoor spaces like parks are all affected.


  • A maximum limit of 6 people from 2 households can meet. Children under 12 are not included in that total.


  • It is illegal for more than 6 people to meet indoors - and even then the six people must be from an extended household.

  • Children under 10 do not count up in the total.

  • Up to 30 people from different homes can still meet outside.

Northern Ireland:

  • Social mixing in private homes will not be allowed at all at, under any circumstances.

  • 6 people from 2 households can meet in private gardens.

  • Up to 15 can gather with social distancing.

  • Public venues such as pubs, restaurants etc should carry out risk assessments to adhere to government guidelines.

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