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Community revival event -19th of September!

Join us this Sunday on the 19th September from 2pm till 7pm for our community revival event.

Our communities have suffered enough and have lost many lives especially of our youths all to gun and knife crimes. Gun and knife crime have been on the rise in the UK and we say enough is enough!

In the past year alone there have been a recorded 42,549 recorded knife crimes in England and 9787 crimes involving firearms. We have been promised countless amounts of times by politicians that more will be done to combat these crimes, yet our communities are still being affected.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss as a community how we can work together to bring about real change. We will hear influential speakers, enjoy live music and entertainment, and access to food stalls.

If you are interested in hiring a stall for your business, charity or organisation please contact us on 0208 698 7000.

Please see below for the address and additional details. We look forward to hearing from all our guest and seeing all our supporters.


Old Edmontonians Sports and Social Club

Jubilee Park


N9 7RA

Additional contacts:


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