The Executive Leadership Committee

The initiative party is going to support a coalition leadership which will consist of 8 members, each representing different areas, communities, professions, and business types; to give us a broad democratic viewpoint and ensure that each member of all communities is represented.

Minister Hakeem -

Support in the community

Karen Castaneda – Marketing and social media

Alison Johnson - Humanitarian and charity work

Michael Page – Empowerment and sports

Sasha Johnson – Activist and community support

Betty Evans - Social care industry

Indira Kaler – Branding and Marketing

Indira is a fully qualified financial services consultant and a member of the marketing team here at The Initiative Party. As well as her current position within the company, she was also involved in the early stages of TTIP which was an exciting time. Being a member of the local community herself, Indira’s connection to the community runs deeper than just surface level. Hence why she is extremely passionate about the work she does with us. She is now responsible for the logo designs and branding, as well as dealing with all marketing and consulting for TTIP and other major brands.