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Why we provide food larders every Wednesday

Currently in the UK 1.5 million people go without food for a whole day. As shocking as this statistic may seem, it is a reality that many people face every day.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic, the hunger crisis has only worsened forcing thousands to turn to services such as foodbanks. Although there are 2,000 foodbanks all over the country to aid people in this time of need, the pandemic has put a strain on these services and not everyone can be reached.

We aim to help where we can and do our part for our local communities. Every Wednesday we provide food larders in the areas of Croydon and North London. We understand that people within the community may have specific needs and so we try to be as considerate and inclusive as we can by including items that are suitable for all.

If you would like to make a contribution visit our GoFundMe page via the link below.

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