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Why Is there no further inquiry into her death? Justice for Shukri!

Shukri Yahye-Abdi was a child with a bright future ahead of her. Seeking refuge with her family to the UK in 2017, they moved to Manchester with hopes of a better life. However, Shukri’s life was cut short when she drowned in Burys River Irwell.

Shukri’s mother who had been previously concerned about the bullying she had been experiencing at school claims that her death was a result of this bullying. Despite the fact that an unnamed child came forward in February to confess to threatening Shukri to enter the water, the coroner involved in her case ruled her death as accidental.

The police have since taken no further action and deny any evidence of foul play. Would the circumstances have been different depend on the colour of her skin and her religious background? This child and her family have been failed by the justice system and so we as a community must fight for her justice.

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement Shukri’s story is one that must not be forgotten. Shukri deserves justice! Visit to help get justice for her and her family.

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