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What is the Community heroes award?

Updated: May 13, 2021

With the fear of the virus looming over us it is hard to not feel as though we are being constantly bombarded with negativity whether it is through main stream media or the things happening in our surroundings. However, we would like to use this opportunity to celebrate heroes in our communities.

What is a community hero? An example of a community hero, would be someone who has gone the extra mile; someone who stands out in their community through their positive, kind and selfless actions. They are bold individuals who are brave enough to take action to better their communities.

Taking the Initiative Party would like to honour and celebrate those who have been and continue to make a positive influence. The community heroes award is not just an award, it is also about bringing people together regardless of race ethnicity or age and uplifting each other.

If you know anyone in your community who has gone above and beyond and would like to nominate them as a possible candidate to receive the award you can do so via our ‘community heroes ‘tab’ where you will be able to register you and your nominee’s details.

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