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These organisations are supporting our children through the lockdown

Updated: May 13, 2021

The past year has been stressful for most, especially as we have now entered a second national lockdown. It has been especially disruptive to our every day lives and our children’s educations.

This has also been an especially difficult time for parents and carers financially and mentally as the pandemic has forced us to stay at home. However, it is amazing to see how local communities are doing their part to support and keep children stimulated during the lockdown.

One campaign that is currently making a real difference for our children is the ‘Hungry little Minds’ campaign which provide learning resources for children up to 5 years old. Organisations such as the institute of wellbeing are helping to lead the Government campaign by hand delivering goodie bags packed with children’s reading books, easy ‘read-chat-play’ learning resources and online resources for the families and the children. They also offer a range of resources on their own website such as parenting advice and tips.

However, they are just one of many organisations making a difference right now. Black British Parent are another organisation that are doing their part to support children and parents through the pandemic. They offer regular zoom meetings on the topic of home education to provide support and advice for parents and home educators. They also recently collaborated with Smart Kid UK to host a virtual programme for children which included a range of activities, classes, and guest speakers. To find out more about their organisation you can visit them at

We understand the importance of supporting our children even in the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in, therefore it is important that we have people in our communities who care for our children’s futures.

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