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More billboards go up as a reminder to nominate your community hero!

Updated: May 13, 2021

This week more of our community hero billboards have gone up as a reminder to nominate your community heroes!

As of lately our news outlets are constantly bombarded with news of negativity surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. It is not very often we hear of good news, however here at Taking The Initiative Party we believe it is time for a change. We would like to use this time to recognise positivity in our society and award those making a change.

If you were not already aware, we are currently asking for those who know someone that has gone above and beyond for their community to sign up and nominate them. A community hero could be a friend or a neighbour who has gone the extra mile to make a positive difference through their hard work and selflessness.

We will be hosting an awards ceremony towards the end of the year to honour and celebrate our heroes and to inspire others to do more in the communities they live in.

If you would like to nominate your hero, you can do so via the ‘community heroes’ tab.

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