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Met Police Have Stopped And Searched 22,000 Young Black Men During Lockdown

Young black men have been stopped and searched by police more than 20,000 times in London DURING the COVID-19 lockdown - the same more than a quarter of all black 15-24-year-olds in the capital.

More than 80% of searches have been between March and May, the majority of them resulting in no further action being taken, according to Yvette Cooper - a member of the home affairs select committee. The numbers apply to at least 30% of young black males in London, some may have even been searched more than once.

The increase of stop and search has been a consequence of the current climate as the public has been urged to stay inside and only go out for necessities, compared to a year ago where the Met Police force carried out 21,000 stops in May 2019 compared with a staggering 43,000 from May 2020.

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