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If the Met police cannot guarantee the safety of our citizens, then who can we trust?

Updated: May 13, 2021

Even though the Met police had discretion over the way the events of the Sarah Everard vigil unfolded, they chose to violently storm the vigil and turn something which appeared to be a peaceful event into pure chaos.

Patsy Stevenson’s, a young woman who came to pay her respects at the vigil was pinned down by two male police officers and arrested.

Considering that this is an issue about trust between women and the police, it is surprising that the police did not handle the situation with any sensitivity.

Repeating history: We have experienced similar issues like this in the past where the police have mishandled sensitive situations. During the Black Lives Matter protests of last year, the decisions of the police led to the events escalating and ending in violence.

Despite the overwhelming amount of criticism aimed at the police, home secretary Priti Patel has defended their actions and praised their work saying there was need for ‘strong enforcement’.

This completely misses the point that women do not feel safe on our streets! If we cannot be safe in the hands of the Police then can rely on to protect us.

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