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How the Million People March is advocating for change

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

In August dozens of protesters gathered on the streets of Notting Hill to take a stand against systemic racism. This is because of the work of the Millions People March. They are an organisation that demands change and celebrates the emancipation of slavery.

One of our Taking the initiative party members Sasha Johnson was a co-organiser for the last march. She believes marches such as this one will empower people to speak up and change will happen. In an interview with the Evening Standard, she said “Our message is listen to us, hear our words. We want sustainable and tangible change.”

Despite coming such a long way in the fight for freedom and equality, the UK is not innocent of systemic racism and discrimination.

There are still incidents of institutional racism and prejudice towards people of other backgrounds. That is why organisations such as the Millions Peoples March are so important not only on a global scale but also for our local communities.

As long as these inequalities exist we must continue taking the initiative and keep fighting for change.

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