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Did you know that these things are illegal to do in a relationship?

Being in isolation can be difficult for anyone, especially as we begin to brace ourselves for a lockdown that could potentially last till the end of March. From the start of the first lockdown till June last year there were a reported 259,324 cases reported of domestic abuse. In the first three weeks of lockdown alone 16 women and children died at the hands of men.

One major form of abuse that is illegal which many are not aware of is Gaslighting. This is often a tactic used by the abuser to slowly brainwash a victim over time making them question their own reality and doubt their own abilities.

Constant name calling and insulting behaviour can also be a form of abuse and it is illegal. Director of public prosecutions, Alison Saunders says: “Being subjected to repeated humiliation, intimidation or subordination can be as harmful as physical abuse.”

A relationship should be a partnership not a dictatorship. Depriving a partner of access to money, basic needs or contact with loved ones is not only abuse but is also illegal.

Saying it is ‘rough sex’ to justify the abuse is not healthy nor is it legal. The defence of “consent for sexual gratification” as a defence to grievous bodily harm can not be used by people facing criminal charges in England and Wales.

All whilst the Government has flip flopped over their decisions for the country and have taken away important provisions that people rely on the amount of domestic abuse cases is on the rise. Domestic abuse is becoming a growing concern and if things do not change soon more lives could be lost.

if you or anyone you know may need help for domestic abuse contact Refuge on their freephone, 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247.

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