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“Boris on brink? Shock plot to bring PM down in historic general election upset”

Updated: May 13, 2021

‘BORIS JOHNSON risks losing his seat in the upcoming general election as pro-Remain parties are urging Jo Swinson not to stand a candidate in the Prime Minister’s Uxbridge seat as part of a plot to oust him from Parliament.

Pro-Remain parties have clubbed together in an attempt to block Boris Johnson from returning to Downing street. They have written a letter to Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson urging her not to stand a candidate in the Uxbridge and Ruislip South seat to give the Labour candidate a stronger chance of overturning Mr Johnson’s majority – which he currently holds by just over 5,000 votes. The Remainers believe there is a “real chance” to oust the incumbent Prime Minister, something that has never happened during a UK general election.

The grassroots campaigners have suggested that if Joanne Humphreys, the Lib Dem candidate, steps down the Labour candidate Ali Milani will have a clear run against the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson currently has a small majority of 5,034 votes, having won the seat with 50.8 percent of the vote in the 2017 general election.

Labour trailed with 40 percent of the vote, but the party saw its support increase dramatically, up by 13.6 percent when compared with the 2015 election results.

Laura Parker, Momentum’s national coordinator said a Labour victory in Mr Johnson’s seat is “doable”.

She said: “This is going to be a good turnout battle. It is doable.

“It’s not fantasyland because we fancied doing a stunt.”

Hugo Dixon, the deputy chairman of the People’s Vote campaign and head of the anti-Brexit organisation InFacts, coordinated the open letter and agrees there is a “real chance” the Prime Minister’s seat could turn red.

The letter read:  “We want the Lib Dems to back Labour in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where there’s a real chance to kick Boris Johnson out.

“The seven percent you are polling there could be the difference between success and failure.”

If Ms Humphreys stands down, the group offered to pile the pressure on Labour to scale back their campaign in Esher and Walton, where Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is at risk of losing his seat to Lib Dem candidate Monica Harding.

Pollsters believe the Tory safe seat is under threat from the Lib Dems, as the constituency backed Remain by 58.4 percent in the 2016 EU referendum.’

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