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I Am Voting For Taking The Initiative Party!

If You Will Be Voting For Taking The Initiative Party On The 5th May In Croydon Let Us know By Filling In Your Details Below.

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We have put forward real candidates, not career politicians, who will represent you, and focus on the issues that matter to you.

This Year's Election will be taking place on the 5th May 2022.
Polling Stations are open from 07:00am- 22:00pm.

This is an opportunity to vote for change along with a first time mayor for Croydon with a solid plan to end the bankruptcy of Croydon, a plan that will bring investment into Croydon and drive the creation of new and high value jobs. Importantly, it will allow Croydon to prosper and our communities to thrive as they once again look forward to a positive future.

Our mayoral candidate for Croydon is Farah London and we will have local council candidates in the following wards;

South Norwood
Thornton Heath
West Thornton
Bensham Manor
Park Hill & Whitgift 
Norbury Park
Norbury and Pollards Hill

To See Who The Candidates Are
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To find your nearest polling station 

Vote Taking The Initiative Party on Thursday 5th May 2022, Croydon Local Council Elections.

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