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Why we must continue to fight for justice for the Windrush victims

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The Windrush scandal which began in 2018 is an injustice that is still affecting lives today. Home secretary of State Priti Patel has made plans of for a mass deportation flight to Jamaica to take place this December.

Although the government recognised that the actions taken against the legal immigrants were unlawful and unjust justice is still not being served. The same acts that were deemed to be unlawful in 2018 are still taking place now and reparations are still yet to be paid. Although the government are projected to pay between £200m and £500m just over 60 Windrush victims have been paid. Now these great men and women that were brought from Trinidad, Tobago and Jamaica in the late 40’s to help rebuild our country continue to face deportation, are being denied basic rights to healthcare and pensions.

However, not all is lost. So far 70 MPs have signed a letter to Priti Patel demanding that the mass deportation flight be cancelled. If you would like to get involved and help put an end to this injustice this is what you can do: Educate yourself on the cause and share hashtags such as #windrushgeneration ,get involved in marches and protests and sign up to petitions such as the independent public inquiry into the Windrush scandal on

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