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Become a steering group leader for Taking the Initiative today!

Do you have a strong interest in politics and would like to have the opportunity to be put forward for candidacy, and local authority roles in your community? Then why not become a steering group leader for Taking the Initiative.

What is a steering group leader? A steering group leader acts as a representative for the party and carries out tasks in their local community regarding the party. There are no requirements for this role other than needing constituents who will aid you in supporting the party. Tasks may include leafleting and canvassing in the local area, attending meetings/events on behalf of the party, and recruiting new members.

There are a range of benefits for steering group leaders such as being put forward for the role of a local councillor. This will allow you to get involved directly with making a difference in your community. You could also potentially be put forward for other candidacy roles and contribute to party discussions.

We aim to represent our party on a national scale and have the voices of the people in all our communities heard, and we need dedicated candidates to help us do so. If you are interested in being put forward for this role visit to register.

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