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A fight against ‘woke-ism’ is a fight against awareness to injustice and racism

Updated: May 13, 2021

A Tory newsletter that was sent out to its Northamptonshire members has vowed to ‘fight woke-ism’. Although their claims have made no direct threats it is clear to see the message that is being portrayed.

Being ‘woke’ is a term that is often associated with being aware to issues concerning social justice and systematic racism. Considering the recent protests for racial equality this can be seen as a step backwards from the progress that has been made.

The newsletter also criticised Labours Equality act to stop prejudice in the work place, claiming that the act “legalises discrimination based on gender”. The agender of the newsletter is clear – a subtle attempt to challenge equality.

However, as disheartening as the words of the newsletter may seem there is still much more we can do as a society to fight for equality. We all have the right to vote, educate ourselves, create awareness and get involved.

If you would like to get involved or to see what things we are doing for the local community visit the rest of our website or become a member for regular updates.

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The idea that stopping prejudice against women by policing men is wrong because the men that prejudice women are not bad because they are masculine, they are bad because they are bad people. This idea implies women are better than men is dangerous since it goes against the idea that justice is blind. Women and men are equal, right?

Woke-ism is bad because it supports a victim mentality. Why should women be described as a victim, needing for the state to intervene and police men? Women don’t need that; I am beyond confident that either gender can stand up for themselves, where the only determinate is their character, rather than their gender or sex. The character of the perpetrator should…

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